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C3 Series: 3D Sensors with CameraLink Interface

Discontinued product! No longer available.

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With our C3 Series we provide our customers 3D Sensors with a CameraLink interface. The C3 Series consists of the models C3-1280-CL and C3-2350-CL which differ in their resolutions and measuring speeds. The C3-2350-CL features a resolution of 2352 x 1728 pixels and profile frequency of max. 23,5 kHz. However, the C3-1280-CL comes with a sensor area of 1280 x 1024 pixels and delivers measuring speeds of up to 71.450 profiles per second.

  • Measuring Speeds of up to 71,5 kHz
  • Resolutions of up to 2352 x 1728 Pixel
  • CameraLink Interface

C3-1280-CL C3-2250-CL
Sensor Resolution: 1280(H) x 1024 (V) 2048(H) x 1088 (V)
Pixel Size: 14 µm x 14 µm 5,5 µm
Dynamic Range: 90 dB 90 dB
Digitization: 10 Bit 10 Bit
Sensitivity: 20.000 LSB (µJ/cm²) @680nm 16.000 LSB (µJ/cm²) @550nm
Sensor Algorythms: MAX, TRSH, COG – MAX, TRSH, COG
Length of Profile in 3D-Mode: 48-1280 Pixels per Profile 2048 Pixels per Profile
Profile Speed depending on Number of Sensor Rows:
Rows Profiles/Sec. mit 1280 Pixels
1024 450
256 1800
128 3550
32 13700
8 30900
Rows Profiles/Sec. mit 2353 Pixels
1728 190
216 1550
108 3100
27 12400
14 23850

  • Non-Contact 3D Measurement in Accordance with the Laser-Sheet of Light (Triangulation) Method
  • Measuring Speeds of up to 71,5 KHz
  • CameraLink Interface
  • Image Processing Integrated in the Camera
  • Configurable Camera Modes: Image Mode, Profile Mode
  • Selection of 3D Camera Algorithms: Threshold-Selection Method, Maximum Method, COG Method

  • All algorithms achieve the maximum profile rate, regardless of the algorithm selected and its parameters
  • Easy Configuration via Camera Register
  • Configurable Selection of the Data Output, e.g. Height Data or Height Data + Intensity Data
  • Programmable Number of Profiles that can be merged to form a
    Height Image
  • Up to 4 Freely Selectable AOIs (sensor read-out window) in Image
    and Profile Mode
  • Shutter-Mode: Rolling-Shutter

  • Flexible Trigger Functions for Profile and Image Triggering
  • RS422 Interface Converter with Programmable Counter for Profile Trigger Generation and Integral Identification of Direction of Movement
  • Data Transmission via Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • Configurable Opto-Coupled I/Os for Trigger Function and Synchronisation
  • Storage of a User-Defined Start-Up Camera Configuration in a Configuration EEprom

Stephan Kieneke
Product Manager 3D
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Athinodoros Klipfel
Sales Manager 3D
+49 (0)4531/88011-14
Roman Handke
Support & Engineering 3D

Learn more about three-dimensional measuring in accordance with the laser-scanning, software support with GigE Vision & GenICam and several CX special features like High Dynamic Range (HDR) or Automatic AOI-Tracking.

3rd Party Solutions

Our CX products support all well-known vision software packages. Therefore, developers can easily integrate a CX camera in a vision system without having to sacrifice their favourite programming environment. Learn more about software packages that are compatible with our CX cameras.


Mr. Athinodoros Klipfel
Sales Manager 3D
Phone: +49 (0)4531/88011-14
Email: klipfel@automationtechnology.de

Roman Handke
Support & Engineering 3D
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Email: roman.handke@automationtechnology.de

Mr. Stephan Kieneke
Product Manager 3D
Tel.: +49 (0)4531/88011-43
Email: stephan.kieneke@automationtechnology.de