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Explosion proof (EX) ATEX Enclosures for Infrared Cameras / thermal imagers

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The new Ex-proof enclosure of the IRCamSafe-Series enable you to install infrared cameras in explosion-hazard environments. The enclosure complies with the latest explosion protection standards and they are certified for a wide selection of infrared cameras.

The IRCamSafeEX is ATEX certified and allows you to install temperature measuring IR cameras in the Ex-protection zones 1,2, 21 and 22. The certification comprises the whole systems which includes the enclosure with all its integrated components like infrared camera, heater and interface controller. This means the installer/user requires no additional certification for the operation of the above mentioned camera models.

This makes the IRCamSafeEx indispensable for any early fire detection or condition monitoring application in explosion-hazard areas of industrial plants.

The enclosure comes with an integrated controller which is equipped with 2 LWL- and 2 Ethernet connections. This enables a flexible network integration in star topology and ring topology. Furthermore, the integrated controller features several digital I/O channels and sensors for temperature, humidity and pressure. Among other functions, the I/O channels enable the user to switch on/off the camera and the heater via remote control. The access is accomplished through an integrated web interface or Modbus TCP/IP. IRCamSafe Ex-AXB/C is also supplied with a heater which effectively prevents fogging and freezing of the protection window.

Permissible Infrared Cameras and Lenses for IRCamSafeEx
Without Additional Lenses
6° Additional Lens, f = 76 mm
15° Additional Lens, f = 30 mm
45° Additional Lens, f = 10 mm
90° Additional Lens, f = 4 mm
FLIR A615,
15° Lens, f = 41.3 mm
25° Lens, f = 24.6 mm
45° Lens, f = 13.1 mm




WFOV Lenses
Lens, f = 7 mm
Lens, f = 9 mm
Lens, f = 13 mm
Lens, f = 19 mm
NFOV Lenses
On Request
AT IRS-X-GigE series thermal imager
Lens, f = 7.5 mm
Lens, f = 9 mm
Lens, f = 11 mm
Lens, f = 1 3mm
Lens, f = 19 mm
Lens, f = 25 mm
Lens, f = 35 mm
Lens, f = 60 mm
Lens, f = 100 mm
Lens, f = 35-105 mm
Xenics Serval-640-GigE
Lens, f = 11 mm
Lens, f = 25mm
Lens, f = 35 mm
Lens, f = 60 mm
Lens, f = 100 mm
Lens, f = 35-105 mm
FLIR G300A (GasFindIR)
Lens 14,5°
Lens 24°
Techniscal Specifications
Standard Temperature Range for Operational Enviroments -40°C to +60°C
Protection Class IP67
Weight 6.7 kg (without Camera and Lens)
Void Volume 5.06 l
Outer Dimensions (without Sun Shield) Diameter=170mm, Length=408mm
Housing Material Aluminium, Powder Coated
Max. Power of the Additional Heating 16 W
Operating Voltage 115 V AC 60Hz / 230 V AC 50Hz / 24 V DC
Max. Electric Connecting Power 60 W
Integrated Controller
4 Port Switch with 2x LWL-LC 100Base-FX or 2xRJ45(10/100) Up-Links
Suitable for ring topology (reduces cabling efforts)
2 integrated temperature sensors (one on protective window), humidity and pressure sensor
Switchable power supply and additional heater via Modbus-TCP/IP
Web-Interface for configuration
Ex-Proof Specifications
Suitable for Ex-Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
Ignition protection type flame-proof encapsulation “d”
Max. surface temperature (according to temperature class T6) 85°C
ATEX marking (model -AXC)
Gas explosion protection: II 2G Ex db IIC T6 / T5
Dust explosion protection: II 2D Ex tb IIIC T85° / T100°
Cetification ZELM 12 ATEX 0485 X