IrMonitor-CTU - IR camera package ready for installation

IrMonitor-CTU packages (Camera Terminal Units) enable you to install infrared cameras in industrial plants in a fast and easy way. A camera unit consists of a robust control enclosure with an integrated pan tilt controller, interface converter, and power supply as well as camera interfaces and relays. The components are designed for usage in extreme environments. This is why the enclosure can be placed next to its camera, even if the plant makes high demands on the application. All connections of the CTU are equipped with plug-in connectors. This allows you to change components as needed. Due to the fact that infrared monitoring is used for many different solutions, Automation Technology offers a wide range of CTU packages with several options like dual view or pan tilt systems.

Productnames and features

Product name


CtU (control enclosure)

- dimensions: 300mm x 400mm x 210mm
- weight: 25 kg

Infrared camera

- applicable for uncooled IR camera A300, A310, A315 or A615

Enclosure for IR camera

- Weatherproof enclosure made of aluminium
- IP 66, NEMA 4
- dimensions: 305mm (length) x 108mm (diameter) or 370mm (length) x 125mm (diameter) 


- Pan tilt system, DualView, etc.