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IRS Calilux

Smart Blackbody for Infrared Cameras

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COVID-19: Detection of elevated body temperatures
via thermal imaging

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3D Compact Sensors

High-Speed 3D Sensors with UHD Resolution

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Smart Infrared Cameras

Stand-Alone Solution for Thermal Machine Vision

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Modular 3D Sensors

3D solutions designed for your project without extra-costs

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Automation Technology

Vision Sensors: 3D Sensors and Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras and 3D sensors for industry “made in Germany”. We have been supplying high-quality vision components and application solutions for more than 15 years.

Our range of 3D sensors and infrared cameras provides reliable solutions for non-destructive testing, automation and monitoring of industrial equipments.

C5-CS Series: 3D Compact Sensors

3D-Kompaktsensor C5-CS
  • 3D Sensors with integrated laser line generator
  • Profile resolution up to 4.096 points/profile – 4K Ultra-HD (depending on model)

IRSX Series: Smart Infrared Cameras

Infrarot-Kamera IRSX
  • Stand-alone solution for thermal machine vision
  • Easiest integration without programming skills
  • Exceptional connectivity with numerous standard interfaces

MCS Series: Modular 3D Compact Sensors

Modularer 3D-Sensor MCS
  • Modular configurable 3D compact sensors
  • Customized design without extra cost

Infrared Camera Systems

Infrared camera systems
  • Thermal NDT imaging systems for R&D, maintenance and production lines
  • Software packages and protective housings for infrared cameras