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C4 Series: Highspeed 3D Sensors with High Resolution

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C4 Series

The C4-Series consists of 3 different 3D-Sensors that feature measuring speeds of up to 71,5 kHz and an resolutions of maximal 12 Megapixel, depending on the model. The integrated C4 processor detects the height-profile of the measured surface with a sub-pixel precision of up to 1/64 of a pixel without losing speed. The data-exchange is based on a Gibabit-Ethernet interface and complies with the GigE-Vision standard. The use of this standard reduces integration efforts by the user considerably. The setup of the camera is done in a very fast and simple way per Plug & Play through the GenICam protocol.

  • Highspeed 3D-Sensors for Scans by means of Laser-Triangulation
  • Profile Speeds of up to 71,5 kHz
  • Resolutions of up to 12 Megapixel
  • Integrated 3D Profile Algorithms: MAX, TRSH, COG, FIR-PEAK
  • Precise 3D Imaging with HDR-3D-Technology
  • Sophisticated 3D-Scan Features like Automatic AOI-Tracking, Automatic AOI-Search, Autostart, Multi-AOIs, etc.
  • GigE Vision and GenICam Compliant

C4-1280-GigE C4-2040-GigE
(or C4-2040-4M-GigE
with 2048 x2048 pixels)
Sensor Resolution: 1280(H) x 1024 (V) 2048(H) x 1088 (V) 4096(H) x 3072 (V)
Pixel Size: 14 µm 5,5 µm 5,5 µm
Dynamic Range: 90 dB 90 dB 90 dB
Digitization: 10 Bit 10 Bit 10 Bit
Sensitivityt: 20.000 LSB (µJ/cm²) @680nm 16.000 LSB (µJ/cm²) @550nm 4.000 LSB (µJ/cm²) @550nm
Sensor Algorythms: – MAX
Length of Profile in 3D-Mode: 1280 Pixel per Profile 2048 Pixel per Profile 4096 Pixel per Profile
Profile Speed depending on Number of Sensor Rows:
Rows Profiles/Sec. with 1280 Pixels
1024 490
256 2000
128 3800
32 13200
16 22700
8 35400
Rows Profiles/Sec. with 128 Pixels
1024 2200
256 8000
128 15000
32 40000
16 59000
8 71500
Rows Profiles/Sec. with 2048 Pixels
2048* 180*
1088 340
256 1450
128 2850
16 18900
8 32300
*only with Model C4-2040-4M-GigE
Rows Profiles/Sec. with 4096 Pixels
3072 75
512 450
128 1700
32 5800
16 9700
8 14500

  • Non-Contact 3D Measurement in Accordance with the Laser-Sheet of Light (Triangulation) Method
  • Measuring Speeds of up to 71.500 Profile/s (Depending on the Model)
  • Resolutions of up to 12 Megapixel (Depending on the Model)
  • Image Processing integrated in the Camera
  • Height Profile Output via GigE Vision
  • Configurable Camera Modes: Image Mode, Profile Mode
  • Selection of 3D Camera Algorithms: Threshold-Selection Method, Maximum Method, COG Method, FIR-PEAK Method
  • All Algorithms achieve the Maximum Profile Rate, Regardless of the Algorithm Selected and its Parameters

  • Flexible trigger functions for profile and image triggering
  • Simple configuration via camera register
  • Configurable selection of the data output, e.g. height data or height data + intensity data
  • Genuine global snapshot shutter for accurate profiles without
    movement distortion (blurring)
  • Programmable number of profiles that can be merged to form a
    height image
  • Up to 8 freely selectable AOIs (sensor read-out window) in image and profile mode

  • RS422 interface converter with programmable counter for profile trigger generation and integral identification of direction of movement
  • Data transmission via Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • Configurable opto-coupled I/Os for trigger function and synchronisation
  • Storage of a user-defined start-up camera configuration in a configuration EEprom
  • Integrated control for external illumination (Laser)
  • Enhanced 3D imaging with High Dynamic Range 3D (HDR-3D)
  • Support of sophisticated 3D-scan features like Autostart, Automatic AOI-Tracking, Automatic AOI-Search, etc.

Stephan Kieneke
Product Manager 3D
+49 (0)4531/88011-43
Athinodoros Klipfel
Sales Manager 3D
+49 (0)4531/88011-14
Roman Handke
Support & Engineering 3D
CX Technologies

Learn more about three-dimensional measuring in accordance with the laser-scanning, software support with GigE Vision & GenICam and several CX special features like High Dynamic Range (HDR) or Automatic AOI-Tracking.

3rd Party Solutions

Our CX products support all well-known vision software packages. Therefore, developers can easily integrate a CX camera in a vision system without having to sacrifice their favourite programming environment. Learn more about software packages that are compatible with our CX cameras.


Mr. Athinodoros Klipfel
Sales Manager 3D
Phone: +49 (0)4531/88011-14
Email: klipfel@automationtechnology.de

Roman Handke
Support & Engineering 3D
Phone: +49 (0)4531/88011-42
Email: roman.handke@automationtechnology.de

Mr. Stephan Kieneke
Product Manager 3D
Tel.: +49 (0)4531/88011-43
Email: stephan.kieneke@automationtechnology.de

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