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Condition Monitoring with Infrared Cameras

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Industrial facilities do not only represent a high investment value, they can also cause high downtime costs when it comes to unscheduled production stops. A failure on individual equipment can impair the function of further components or even lead to potential risks for the operating personnel. In consequence there are many good reasons for ensuring a continuous and safe operation of industrial plants. A reliable solution for monitoring the operating conditions of plant components is to evaluate their temperature developments by means of thermal imaging.

As an essential advantage, our thermal monitoring solutions feature a continuous analysis of the thermal images recorded by numerous infrared cameras. This allows performing reliable scans of large areas for early identifying conditions that can become critical. However, our monitoring systems do not only mean a profitable investment for safety reasons. In many applications the thermal analyzing software can also provide you with valuable information for optimizing production processes or machine running times.

Key Features

  • Modular system architecture: Tailor-made system solutions even for complex monitoring tasks
  • Fully automatic monitoring with continuous self-checking of all system components
  • Various standard interfaces for easy integration and communication with existing control and alarming systems
  • ATEX-certified housings for installation and operation of temperature measuring infrared cameras in Ex-zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • Flexible data management and analyzis with 100% traceability via database and web server

Key Advantages

  • Detection of fire hazards before a fire breaks out
  • Reliable 24/7 monitoring of areas with a high risk of fire and explosions
  • Comprehensive temperature monitoring of large areas with complex installations
  • Automatic evaluation of thermal images and alarming for quickest possible danger prevention
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Consultation and service for planning, installation and maintenance from a company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of thermal monitoring
  • Recommended by leading insurers

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