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Explosion proof (EX) ATEX Enclosures for Infrared Cameras / thermal imagers

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The new Ex-proof enclosure of the IRCamSafe-Series enable you to install infrared cameras in explosion-hazard environments. The enclosure complies with the latest explosion protection standards and they are certified for a wide selection of infrared cameras.

The IRCamSafeEX is ATEX certified and allows you to install temperature measuring thermal imagers in the Explosion protection zones 1,2, 21 and 22 and Division 2 according to NEC. The certification comprises the whole systems which includes the enclosure with all its integrated components like infrared camera, heater and interface controller. This means the installer/user requires no additional certification for the operation of the above mentioned camera models.

This makes the IRCamSafeEx indispensable for any early fire detection or condition monitoring application in explosion-hazard areas of industrial plants.

The enclosure comes with an integrated controller which is equipped with 2 LWL- and 2 Ethernet connections. This enables a flexible network integration in star topology and ring topology. Furthermore, the integrated controller features several digital I/O channels and sensors for temperature, humidity and pressure. Among other functions, the I/O channels enable the user to switch on/off the camera and the heater via remote control. The access is accomplished through an integrated web interface or Modbus TCP/IP. IRCamSafe Ex-AXB/C is also supplied with a heater which effectively prevents fogging and freezing of the protection window.

Permissible Infrared Cameras and Lenses for IRCamSafeEx
Without Additional Lenses
6° Additional Lens, f = 76 mm
15° Additional Lens, f = 30 mm
45° Additional Lens, f = 10 mm
90° Additional Lens, f = 4 mm
FLIR A615,
15° Lens, f = 41.3 mm
25° Lens, f = 24.6 mm
45° Lens, f = 13.1 mm




WFOV Lenses
Lens, f = 7 mm
Lens, f = 9 mm
Lens, f = 13 mm
Lens, f = 19 mm
NFOV Lenses
On Request
AT IRS-X-GigE series thermal imager
Lens, f = 7.5 mm
Lens, f = 9 mm
Lens, f = 11 mm
Lens, f = 1 3mm
Lens, f = 19 mm
Lens, f = 25 mm
Lens, f = 35 mm
Lens, f = 60 mm
Lens, f = 100 mm
Lens, f = 35-105 mm
Xenics Serval-640-GigE
Lens, f = 11 mm
Lens, f = 25mm
Lens, f = 35 mm
Lens, f = 60 mm
Lens, f = 100 mm
Lens, f = 35-105 mm
FLIR G300A (GasFindIR)
Lens 14,5°
Lens 24°
Techniscal Specifications
Standard Temperature Range for Operational Enviroments -40°C to +60°C
Protection Class IP67
Weight 6.7 kg (without Camera and Lens)
Void Volume 5.06 l
Outer Dimensions (without Sun Shield) Diameter=170mm, Length=408mm
Housing Material Aluminium, Powder Coated
Max. Power of the Additional Heating 16 W
Operating Voltage 115 V AC 60Hz / 230 V AC 50Hz / 24 V DC
Max. Electric Connecting Power 60 W
Integrated Controller
4 Port Switch with 2x LWL-LC 100Base-FX or 2xRJ45(10/100) Up-Links
Suitable for ring topology (reduces cabling efforts)
2 integrated temperature sensors (one on protective window), humidity and pressure sensor
Switchable power supply and additional heater via Modbus-TCP/IP
Web-Interface for configuration
Ex-Proof Specifications
Suitable for Ex-Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
Ignition protection type flame-proof encapsulation “d”
Max. surface temperature (according to temperature class T6) 85°C
ATEX marking (model -AXC)
Gas explosion protection: II 2G Ex db IIC T6 / T5
Dust explosion protection: II 2D Ex tb IIIC T85° / T100°
Cetification ZELM 12 ATEX 0485 X

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