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FLIR AX8: Thermal Imaging Camera For Condition and Safety Monitoring

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The FLIR AX8 daylight and thermal imaging camera is housed in a compact and affordable housing. This sensor provides continuous temperature monitoring and alarming; uninterrupted status monitoring of important electrical and mechanical equipment is thus guaranteed. AX8 ensures early detection of temperature-dependent problems in electrical and mechanical equipment, making it the ideal temperature sensor for continuous status monitoring and fire protection in control cabinets, processing and manufacturing plants, data centres, mass transport facilities, power plants and storage facilities.

IR Resolution: 80 x 60 Pixels
Thermal sensitivity: < 0,10°C @ +30°C / 100 mK
Detector type: Uncooled Microbolometer FPA
Spectral Range: 7,5 to 13 µm
Built-in Digital Camera: 640 x 480 Pixels
Interface: Ethernet 100 Mbps
IEEE 802.3 standard
External Power Operation: 12/24VDC, 2 W continuously/ 3.1 W absolute max
Size: 54 x 25 x 79 mm (2.1 x 1 x 3.1 in.) w/o connectors 54 x 25 x 95 mm (2.1 x 1 x 3.7 in.) w/ connectors

  • Early Detection of Temperature Problems
  • Prevention of unplanned outages, service interruptions,
    and equipment failure
  • Detection of important information without IR Inspection window or manual inspections
  • Streaming of infrared, daylight or MSX videos with the formats MPEG, MJPEG and H.264
  • Automatic Alarm transmission if temperature thresholds have been achieved
  • Comprehensive analyzing functions
  • Compact design (54 x 25 x 95 mm)
  • Two cable connections
  • Industry standard Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP with integrated easy-to-install internet interface

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