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Condition Monitoring of Gasifiers

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Gasifiers are used for gasification processes where carbon-containing materials like coal or oil are converted into synthesis gas. The process in the inner runs at temperatures of up to 1600°C and at high pressures. To withstand these extreme conditions, the reactor vessel is coated with a fireproof lining. However, during operation the refractory is subject to wear, cracking and degradation. If the refractory lining fails, the hot gas will immediately break through the metal shell, leading to an explosion with catastrophic consequences for the surrounding equipment and in addition to an unplanned shut-down. Besides this economical impact there is also a high risk of personnel injuries or even loss of lives. In consequence it is absolutely essential for a safe operation of a gasifier, that the operators have reliable information about the condition of the refractory lining at any time.

For the thermal monitoring of gasification vessels infrared imaging systems mean an effective solution. Infrared cameras continuously scan the entire surface of gasifiers, immediately detecting and tracking any hotspots or abnormal thermal conditions before they can cause a threat to the reactor metallurgy. However, thermographic monitoring of gasifiers is not only useful for safety reasons. The analyzing of thermal images delivers also valuable information for an optimization of the gasification process. For example, the thermal data can help you to determine the location of the reaction zone, to assess the refractory wear or to get aware of changes in the feed injector performance. In consequence, our Thermographic monitoring system provides you with both safety and economic benefits.

Key Features

  • Modular system architecture: Tailor-made system solutions even for complex monitoring tasks
  • Fully automatic monitoring with continuous self-checking of all system components
  • Several standard interfaces for easy integration and communication with existing control and alarming systems
  • ATEX-certified housings for installation and operation of temperature measuring infrared cameras in Ex-zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • Flexible data management and analyzis with 100% traceability via database and web server

Key Advantages

  • Increased safety for gasification processes
  • Prevention of explosion-hazard gas leakages
  • Maximization of the refractory lining service life
  • Optimized refractory maintenance
  • Reliable 24/7 monitoring of gasification processes
  • Automatic evaluation of thermal images and alarming for quickest possible danger prevention
  • Consultation and service for planning, installation and maintenance from a company with more than 15 years of experience in the development of thermal monitoring solutions
  • Recommended by leading insurers

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