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In-Service Testing of Aircrafts (Airbus NTM, Boeing NDT)

C-CheckIR is specially designed for aerospace inspections and means an ideal solution for non-destructive testing / NDT of aircrafts with active thermography. The mobile NDT system inspects composite components like aircraft bodies, rudders, etc. and locates defects like cracks, structure failures, water inclusions, etc. quick and easy. C-CheckIR fulfills the requirements of many aircraft testing procedures (e.g. Airbus NTM 55-40-50 or Boeing procedure 737, NDT, part 9, 51-00-01).

Main Features:

  • Suitable for the Inspection of Composite Materials
  • Detects Delaminations, Water Inclusions and other Defects
  • Complies with aircraft testing procedures
    • SRM-Repairs, Airbus NTM 55-40-50
    • Trapped water, Airbus NTMs 51-10-25, 55-40-02, 55-20-08, 55-20-11
    • Trapped water, Boeing procedure 737 NDT, part 9, 51-00-01
    • Disbondigs, Boeing procedure 737 NDT, part 9, 51-00-04, 53-30-01
  • Fast Large-Area Inspection

  • Contact-Free Measurements
  • Result of the Measurement displayed as an Image
  • Very easy to operate with a very Intuitive User Interface (Touch-Screen)
  • Preconfigured Measurement Configurations for Easy Operation
  • Mobile Design, Applicable even on Vertical Surfaces


The body of modern aircrafts is made in a big percentage from composite materials like CRP/CFRP. To this date, inspection equipment for these materials tend to be built in a quite complex way, making on site measurements difficult and normally a task to be performed just by experts. C-CheckIR comes with its very simple and compact design and it’s very intuitive user-interface enables the easy detection of defects such as: water inclusions, delaminations or defect bondings on the aircraft fuselage, rudders, etc. A measurement with C-CheckIR covers an area of 430 x 340 mm and is performed in a just few seconds. This makes it possible to complete NDT inspection fast, optimizing staff costs and reducing aircraft downtimes.

Besides our C-CheckIR systems, AT offers a thermography kit for testing procedures that do not require a sequence analysis of thermal images (e.g. Airbus NTM 51-10-25):

  • Airbus NTM 51-10-25
  • Airbus NTM 55-40-02
  • Airbus NTM 55-40-02
  • Airbus NTM 55-20-08
  • Airbus NTM 55-20-11
  • Boeing procedure 737 NDT, part 9, 51-00-01

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