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In-line Control of Thermoforming Processes

This inline mould-monitoring system enables fully automatic detection and control of temperature fields. For example, it can be used to control temperature distribution during thermoforming processes.

During thermoforming, the plastic material used to make the products is first heated, before being placed in a mould where it takes up its intended geometric shape. The temperature window in this process is generally relatively narrow: if the heat is too low, there will be geometrical anomalies in the end product; excessive temperatures, by contrast, can cause the plastic to combust. With its optimisation and control features, the IR camera is an excellent tool for boosting product quality, reducing the level of scrap and avoiding downtimes.

The IrControl infrared imaging system analyses temperature distribution on the panels, determines the temperature readings within pre-defined evaluation zones before comparing these with the preset target settings. If discrepancies are detected, the system can send control commands to the machine to readjust the individual elements of the heating field. If it is impossible to adjust the target temperature distribution (e.g. because a heating-field element has failed), the system can emit an alarm. The image highlights the corresponding position that has led to the alarm, making it easier for the operator to find the defect on the machine

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