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IRS Calilux

Smart Blackbody for Infrared Cameras

With the IRS Calilux, AT – Automation Technology has extended its IRS family of intelligent thermal imaging products with a Smart Blackbody. This new development is a perfect addition to infrared cameras to increase their temperature measurement accuracy to the limits of what is technically possible to +/- 0.3 °C. This makes the IRS Calilux a real precision wonder when it comes to imaging temperature measurement technology. With its unique features, the use of the AT Smart Blackbody with infrared cameras offers considerable advantages for numerous applications in a wide range of industries and allows the reliable setup of suitable and fail-safe temperature monitoring systems. In addition, the calibration of infrared cameras can be validated with the IRS Calilux directly on site without the need to uninstall them. Each unit comes with a traceable high-precision radiometric calibration. The new AT Smart Blackbody is a multifunctional all-rounder that sets new standards in terms of connectivity, integration and functionality.


  • Improvement of the measuring accuracy for infrared cameras to ± 0.3 °C
  • Comes with a traceable high-precision radiometric calibration
  • Continuous in-field monitoring of IR systems
  • Decisive component for Fail-Safe IR Systems
  • For in-field verification of the calibration of infrared cameras

  • Easy integration into systems through Plug&Play principle
  • IoT communication via Ethernet/WiFi with numerous industrial protocols
  • Ambient temperature compensated reference value
  • Integrated monitoring of ambient temperature and humidity
  • Optionally available with integrated cooling function and as outdoor version


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