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MCS Series

Modular 3D Compact Sensors –
Tailor-Made Sensor Solutions

With the MCS series, our customers do not need to select pre-configured models, but can configure the solutions required for their applications themselves. The customer simply specifies the desired data such as height resolution, working distance, scan width (x-FOV), points per profile as well as laser wavelength and safety class and receives a 3D sensor composed of corresponding sensor, laser, and link modules. He gets this perfectly tailored solution for his measuring task without any extra cost or extra time, even as a single piece. Maximum flexibility without NRE charge – no other manufacturer in the world offers this.

Of course, the 3D compact sensors of the MCS series are factory calibrated and feature everything that is required for industrial use, from GigE Vision to 5 to 24 volt digital inputs and outputs to an RS422 encoder interface.

3D Sensor Module with GenICam 3.0 with Measurement Speed of up to 26 kHz at 4096 points/profile

As the first product of the new C6 series, AT integrates the new cx4090HS sensor module into the modular concept of the MCS series. This is based on a new sensor platform that supports the new GenICam 3.0 standard and thus implements additional, practical features such as MultiPart and MultiPeak. Users benefit not only from significantly more extensive functionality and more stable analysis capability, but also from faster application development. The profile speed is also significantly increased by new C6 platform, which is why the cx4090HS sensor module achieves a unique measurement speed of up to 26 kHz at a resolution of 4096 measurement points per profile.

Brochure: C6 Series
3D Sensor with GenICam 3.0

Optional Dual-Head Sensor for Dual Performance

A major advantage of the MCS series is that all configurations can also be implemented with a dual-head sensor, i.e. two sensor modules. This enables even higher measurement quality thanks to occlusion-free 3D scans as well as the combination of sensor modules with different performance data that complete different measurement tasks in parallel. Thus, uncomplicated tailor-made solutions are also available for all applications in which several component properties are examined, for example, the geometry and surface condition of wood parts. Time-consuming installations with several standard individual sensors that have to be calibrated specifically for their respective measurement task are a thing of the past.

  • Modular configurable to perfectly meet your application requirements
  • No NRE charge for customization
  • Optional dual-head sensor for even higher measurement quality

  • All configurations are factory calibrated
  • Robust design for maximum reliability

CX Technologies

Learn more about three-dimensional measuring in accordance with the laser-scanning, software support with GigE Vision & GenICam and several CX special features like High Dynamic Range (HDR) or Automatic AOI-Tracking.

3rd Party Solutions

Our CX products support all well-known vision software packages. Therefore, developers can easily integrate a CX camera in a vision system without having to sacrifice their favourite programming environment. Learn more about software packages that are compatible with our CX cameras.


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