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Mobile NDT Systems for Maintenance

The mobile inspection system called C-CheckIR uses active thermography for the reliable detection of delaminations, water inclusions, debondings, etc. in composite materials. C-CheckIR fulfills the requirements of DIN 54192 for Non-destructive testing with active thermography and is suitable for several aircraft testing procedures (e.g. Airbus NTM 55-40-50 or Boeing procedure 737 NDT, part 9, 51-00-04, 53-30-01). ). C-CheckIR is easy to operate and does not require any extensive training. The complete inspection head of C-CheckIR is mounted on a light support frame that only needs to be placed at the right position on the object to be inspected. The system is controlled from a handy tablet-PC through a very intuitive user interface. For the most common materials, such as CRP or GRP, C-CheckIR already features pre-set inspection parameters, so that the operator can start measuring right away. Of course, the inspection parameters can be easily adjusted if required.


  • Non-Destructive Inspection Process
  • Short Measuring Times
  • Optimized for Mobile Use

  • Easy to Use
  • Imaging Measuring Results


C-CheckIR professional
The testing system is an universal kit for non-destructive testing of composite materials. It comes with a compact design and is optimized for field uses. C-CheckIR professional features an intuitive handling and enables you to test a range of different materials with active thermography. Through a wide range of hardware and software options, C-CheckIR professional is not only an ideal ndt system for several aircraft testing procedures, but also for testing of composite parts of wind energy plants, car bodies or boats/yachts.

Configuration options for several aircraft testing procedures available, e.g.:

  • SRM-Repairs, Airbus NTM 55-40-50
  • Trapped water, Airbus NTMs 51-10-25, 55-40-02, 55-20-08, 55-20-11
  • Trapped water, Boeing procedure 737 NDT, part 9, 51-00-01
  • Disbondigs, Boeing procedure 737 NDT, part 9, 51-00-04, 53-30-01

C-CheckIR for Airbus NTM 55-40-50 (IRGecko)
Besides the universal kit C-CheckIR professional, AT offers an optimized version that fulfills all requirements of the testing procedure Airbus NTM 55-40-50 for SRM-Repairs. Of course, the C-CheckIR version for Airbus NTM 55-40-50 can be easily upgraded to future testing procedures.

Thermography-Kit for detection of trapped water
Sundry aircraft inspections can be accomplished by ordinary IR scans. Big accumulations of water or ice inclusions can be detected by an infrared camera when the component is heated by a hot-air unit. Therefore AT offers a special inspection-kit which is optimized for several test instructions of Airbus (e.g. NTM 55-40-50). All components are stored in a robust casing set for safety transports.

The Thermography Kit for detection of trapped water covers the following aircraft testing devices:

  • Airbus NTM 51-10-25
  • Airbus NTM 55-40-02
  • Airbus NTM 55-20-08
  • Airbus NTM 55-20-11
  • Boeing procedure 737 NDT, part 9, 51-00-01

Measuring Principle

Active thermography is an effective method for non-destructive testing of
several materials. This technique detects not only smallest defects on
surfaces, but also structural defects or air bullets under the component
surface. Contrary to other inspection methods, thermographic solutions are well-suited for inspections of latest materials like composite materials

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