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AT at STEMMER IMAGING Machine Vision Technology Forum

The STEMMER IMAGING Machine Vision Technology Forum will soon take place again, the top opportunity to quickly gain more knowledge about the latest technologies and developments in imaging as well as to get inspiration for application improvements. The “Tour 2019” through Europe will start in Unterschleißheim near Munich, Germany, on 10-08-2019 and will lead via ’s-Hertogenbosch, Paris, and Stockholm to Birmingham. AT – Automation Technology will be there at all stations to present its recent innovations, in the exhibition as well as in lectures.

AT’s Product Highlights:

  • the IRSX series, the first truly smart infrared cameras for industrial use. Designed as an all-in-one solution, these cameras combine a calibrated thermal imaging sensor with a powerful data processing unit and a variety of industrial interfaces in a rugged IP67 housing. They provide an outstanding functionality for Industry 4.0, and with their web-based configuration interface and result display and apps for various applications, they are as easy to use as a smartphone
  • the MCS series of configurable high-speed 3D compact sensors that makes the perfect, tailor-made solution available for everyone without NRE or MOQ. The customer simply specifies the desired performance data such as scan width (x-FOV), working distance, points per profile, and scan speed and receives a 3D sensor composed of corresponding modules
  • the extended C5-CS series of pre-configured high-speed 3D compact sensors that with 43 models now covers an even wider range of applications than before
  • the classic C5 series of 3D sensors for discrete setups
Our Lectures:

  • Modular Compact Sensors – A New Type of 3D Laser Triangulation Sensors
  • Smart Infrared Cameras – A New Technological Approach to Industry 4.0
Times, Locations, Programs, and Registration:

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