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Infrared Cameras for industrial Applications

IR Cameras, Accessories and Application Solutions

IRSX-Series: Smart IR Cameras

IRSX smart infrared cameras are self-contained, industrial grade thermal imaging systems. Consistently designed as all-in-one solutions they combine a calibrated thermal imager, a powerful computing unit and a variety of industrial interfaces in a rugged housing small enough to fit in the tightest of space. Once installed, IRSX cameras communicate directly with your process control, providing an outstanding functionality for Smart Industry 4.0.


IRS-NDT Infrarotkamera
  • Compact infrared cameras for ZfP-Applications

Cooled FLIR cameras

Gekühlte Infrarotkameras von FLIR Systems für die ZfP und F&E
  • Cooled Infrared Cameras of FLIR Systems

Accessories for our infrared cameras

IR Camera Enclosures: IRCamSafe

 ZfP-Systeme für die Forschung & Entwicklung im Labor
  • IR Camera Enclosures for Industrial- / Outdoor Installations

Thermography Systeme for Monitoring of Industrial Plants: IRMonitor

C-CheckIR Sensor Die neue Serie von kompakten ZfP-Prüfköpfen
  • IRMonitor is a flexible solution concept for early fire detection and temperature monitoring

Systems for NDT-Applications (Non-destructive testing)

NDT Systems for Laboratory: IRNDT

 ZfP-Systeme für die Forschung & Entwicklung im Labor
  • NDT Systems with active Thermography for R&D

NDT Systems for In-Line Productions

C-CheckIR Sensor Die neue Serie von kompakten ZfP-Prüfköpfen
  • Compact NDT Inspection Heads for In-Line Productions

Mobile NDT Systems for Maintenance

  • Optimized for mobile use
  • Easy Handling

Application Solutions


 ZfP-Systeme für die Forschung & Entwicklung im Labor
  • Non-Destructive Inspection of Foamed Parts


C-CheckIR Sensor Die neue Serie von kompakten ZfP-Prüfköpfen
  • Temperature Monitoring for Plastics Processing
CX Technologies

Learn more about three-dimensional measuring in accordance with the laser-scanning, software support with GigE Vision & GenICam and several CX special features like High Dynamic Range (HDR) or Automatic AOI-Tracking.

3rd Party Solutions

Our CX products support all well-known vision software packages. Therefore, developers can easily integrate a CX camera in a vision system without having to sacrifice their favourite programming environment. Learn more about software packages that are compatible with our CX cameras.


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