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Non-Destructive Inspection of Foamed Parts

Dashboardcheck is a complete testing tool for foamed parts, e.g. for dashboards. It is well suited for fast, non-contact detection of lunkers or blowholes in the foam layer and for the detection of defects in the surface layer.

  • Analysis of Changes in Thermal Conductivity within the Materia
  • Fast Detection (Inspection Time ca. 5 Seconds)
  • Contact-Free Inspection
  • Result of the Measurement displayed as an Image
  • Integrated Functions for Performing Automated Measurements
  • Automatic Storage of the Inspection Results in a Database (Measurement Parameters, Barcode, etc.)
  • Easy Integration in Existing Production Process

Measuring Principle

Active thermography is an effective method for non-destructive testing of
several materials. This technique detects not only smallest defects on
surfaces, but also structural defects or air bullets under the component
surface. Contrary to other inspection methods, thermographic solutions are well-suited for inspections of latest materials like composite materials


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