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Temperature Monitoring for Plastics Processing

The WeldCheck system serves as a key solution for inline monitoring of the process temperatures during the welding of thermoplastics. Installed directly into your welding machine, the system ensures a constantly high quality of the produced parts and provides a 100% traceability.

Because of numerous advantages, joining methods with a contactless supply of heat such as infrared welding or hot gas welding are increasingly utilized in plastics industry. With all these methods, the component temperatures are of vital importance to achieve a good weld. Because the temperatures are dependent on a variety of factors, they can vary greatly during the production process. Levels can be reached, where the material is damaged while on the other hand the surface of a part can also remain too cold. To ensure a consistently high product quality, the measurement and evaluation of the welding temperatures is thus an essential condition.


TheWeldCheck sensors measure the temperature distribution on the components in the upper and the lower tool immediately after the heating process. Based on a tool- and component-specific measurement plan the temperature data are assessed in real-time. If the temperatures are not within the preset limits, a signal is sent to the welding machine and the joining process can be stopped. All recorded data are stored, giving you full traceability and enabling dedicated analyses for optimizing the welding process.
If during production the tool or the component type is changed, the appropriate measurement plan will be loaded automatically.

Key Features:

  • Full monitoring of process temperatures even for the most complex welding contours
  • Intelligent temperature evaluation for highly accurate measurement data
  • Maximum modularity and scaleability: Variable number of cameras for adaptation to different tools and component geometries
  • Automatic switching of measurement-plans for product- or tool-change
  • Compact and robust design, maintenance-free

Key Advantages:

  • Ensures an optimum product quality and increases profitability
  • Cost reduction by minimizing scrap parts
  • 100% Traceability: Automatic storage of images and measured temperatures
  • Maximum process safety: Immediate detection of faults in the welding system
  • Reduced set-up time


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