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Thermal Imaging System for Slag Detection

The Slag Detection System serves as a key solution to improve the steel quality and to recuce treatment costs by minimizing the slag carryover during the tapping process. The whole system is designed for reliable 7/24 operation in the harsh environment of a steel plant.

Key Features:

  • Fully automated measurement sequence
  • 100% Traceability: Automatic storage of images, measured slag transfer and tap related data
  • Advanced data management and tap analysis with database and web server
  • Various interfaces for connecting to your process control, data management and visualization
  • Robust and fail-safe design for continuous operation in steel plants

Key Advantages:

  • Improved steel quality
  • Higher production yield
  • Reduced treatment costs
  • Reduced processing time


During the tapping process an infrared camera monitors the pouring stream. Due to the very different radiation properties of liquid metal and slag, the thermal camera can precisely distinguish between these two materials. This allows an accurate calculation of the slag transfer by evaluating the live thermal image in realtime. The acceptable content of slag can be preset in the software. As soon as this threshold is reached an alarm will be triggered to stop the tap. All important data are continuously displayed on the screen in a clearly arranged window. This includes the live thermal image, the slag carryover vs. tap time, the preset alarm threshold for the slag content and the alarm status.

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